Pacific Coast Highway Poster Map
Discover new places and share your love for the area
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Pacific Coast Highway Poster Map
A beautiful region on California's Central Coast
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A lifetime of research, and some home-town pride, went into making this poster map. This truly unique piece of art captures the culture of the San Francisco & Monterey Bay Areas along the Pacific Coast Highway and inland passage route. This poster shares some of the areas best kept secrets, ready for you to discover for yourself.

The 24″ x 32″ poster is printed on 70 pound text paper with a warm white antique tone to pay tribute to an era of discovery and publication that will inspire everyone. As you stare at this poster map you’ll feel as though you’re an explorer discovering this beautiful slice of California for the first time.

These posters just came off the press and now available to pick up in store at some of the best shops dedicated to helping you explore and enjoy life!



A landscape shaped by massive movement, from ground-shaking earthquakes to ground-breaking technological innovations, the San Francisco Bay Area is undeniably one of the world’s greatest regions. Famous for the gold rush of the 1800’s, hippie and counter-culture movement of the 1960’s, and more recently as the technology capital of the world, the Bay Area is an ever-changing landscape always on the move.

The Mediterranean climate and unique geography offer an unforgettable setting for year round recreation from lounging on white sand beaches, tasting your new favorite Cabernet at world class wineries, hiking through dense forest among the world’s tallest trees, exploring the numerous art and science museums, and so much more. Find your San Francisco Bay Area adventure with Road Side Secrets.



The Pacific Coast Highway – San Francisco to Big Sur Poster Map will inspire you to explore

Every time you pass by this poster map hanging on your wall you’ll be inspired to explore, from the rugged and remote coastline of Big Sur to the vibrant city of San Francisco.


new places

Whether you live here or are just visiting, you’re sure to discover new places

Live here? Take a close look and discover new and exciting adventures you didn’t know existed. Just visiting? Easily find some of the top attractions in the area and bring home the poster map to hang on your wall to remember the great times.

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environmentally friendly poster

Sustainably Sourced Paper

We love exploring in forests, and believe in preserving them for all to enjoy and thrive within. That's why we selected paper that is Forest Stewardship Council® and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certified.

Environmentally Friendly Printer

We selected a publisher that is as environmentally friendly as they come! Our printer is a Certified Santa Clara County Green Printing Business and produces about 75% of their electricity needs with solar.

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