Roadside Secrets was built


Road Trippin’ in a ’74 Chevy Van

Hello, we’re brothers Danny and Robert Bytheway. Together, with our dad Robert, we co-founded Roadside Secrets. Growing up, we always explored – searching for new and exciting things to do and places to see. We were never content sitting still or visiting the same place over and over. We always wanted to see what was down every road and around the next corner! This passion for exploration and the outdoors was engrained in us since we were born.

Our dad has a passion and talent for art, and always the conversationalist, he also loves sharing his explorations with others, telling them how to get to some of his favorite places. Verbal directions were then enhanced with beautiful sketches of the route on whatever was around – usually a napkin or other note card – and people began to compliment the napkin maps.

As we grew into adulthood, we realized we could produce poster maps to share our discoveries with others on a mass scale. The test map of our hometown was wildly popular, so we decided to produce the Pacific Coast Highway – San Francisco to Big Sur poster.

We quickly realized we couldn’t possibly show everything on the poster map, so we built this website to allow others to discover more places to explore, and provide more information so anyone wishing to travel could access everything needed to make the most of their journey.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.

– Jack Kerouac

It doesn’t matter where you are. You are nowhere compared to where you can go.

– Bob Proctor


Hand Drawn & Full of Adventure

A lifetime of research, and some home-town pride, went into making our first poster map – the Pacific Coast Highway – San Francisco to Big Sur. This truly unique piece of art captures the culture of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas.

As you stare at this poster map, which you will do so don’t be shy, you’ll feel as though you’re an explorer discovering this beautiful slice of California for the first time.

This poster map is the first of many in a series that will be sure to get you inspired to explore!

A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams.

– Gilbert H. Grosvenor


A Tool to Inspire & Connect

Roadsidesecrets.com is a platform to help connect you with everything you need to adventure successfully, including things to do, places to stay, food and drinks, and shops and services in the Central Coast.

To help you find the perfect place, filter listings by suitability, amenities, setting, significant features, and more. Looking for that dog friendly place to go hiking with ocean views, where you can learn about the  historical significance of the area and save money with free parking


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