About Us

Founded in 2019, Roadside Secrets started with the simple idea to create wall maps that inspire a sense of adventure and bring happiness to your home by helping you stay connected to the people, places, and memories that matter the most.

Why wall maps?

Celebrate moments that matter

From that morning you walked the Golden Gate Bridge, to the day spent whale watching at sea, to the time you summited a new favorite vista, every important moment in life is connected to the place it happened. There’s no better way to celebrate those moments than a map showing where they happened.

A sense of adventure

We believe maps should inspire a sense of adventure. So in addition to typical geographical features (mountains, water, roads, towns, etc.) our maps include something most other wall maps don’t – adventures. From hiking spots to swimming holes, golf courses to skydiving, our maps are designed for the doers and go-getters who want to make the most of life.

Unique art fit for your unique story

You can search online and find tons of super accurate, computer generated maps to hang on your wall. But where’s the fun in that? At our core we are artists who love travel and adventure. We strive to create maps that are true works of art, with heart and soul, that evoke emotion when you look at them. After all, you deserve to share you favorite space with art as unique as your story.

Committed to Sustainability

As a company, and individuals, we believe the only thing more important than exploring this beautiful world is doing our best to preserve it for future generations.


Any Comments, Questions, or Suggestions?